Žygimantas Augustas (Sigismund Augustus). Author Juozapas Ozemblovskis (Jozef Ozemblowsky), after the painting of Virgilijus Soli, 1840. Lithuanian Art Museum. Paper, lithography, 17x13.5 cm. Digitalised by Irena Aleksienė.
Despite the frequent change of hands of the manor, Liubavas remained in the possession of high government officials up until the mid-20th c. It became famous for not only its natural riches, but eventually became the favourite residence for the aristocracy and talented people in the arts.


Liubavas Manor owners up to 1542
Liubavas Manor owners from 1542 to 1550–60s
Liubavas Manor owner from 1550–60s to 5 April 1577
Liubavas Manor owners from 5 April 1577 to 19 February 1638
Liubavas Manor owners from 21 May 1670 to 1753
Liubavas Manor owner from 1753 to the end of 1753 (?1764)
Liubavas Manor owners from 19 Febr. 1638 to 21 May 1670 and from 1753 to 1857
Sculptor, Architect, Philomath, Philaret, Liubavas Manor owner
Liubavas Manor owners from to 1857 to 1940
Sculptor, Liubavas Manor Museum creator